The Scholarships/Fellowship is offered as financial assistance to the post-graduate students at IARI. This provision is made to assist as many students as possible who have good academic record and who are making diligent efforts to pursue higher education.

No student holding IARI scholarship shall apply for or accept any other scholarship/ fellowship/ award or employment without the prior approval of the Dean.

The details of the various scholarships/ fellowships available are indicated below:

IARI Scholarships
The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Institute) Junior and Senior Scholarship shall be awarded to M.Sc. and Ph.D. students admitted under General Open Competition Scheme on the following terms and conditions:

The Awards shall be made by the Dean and Joint Director (Education) of the Institute on the advice of the “Standing Committee on Scholarships Financial Assistance and Academic Progress”, which shall take into consideration the merit of each applicant based initially on his admission and subsequently on his performance at the Post Graduate School.



The normal duration of junior scholarships for M.Sc. course will be two years and that of senior scholarships for Ph.D. course will be three years. However, on the recommendation of the Chairperson of the student and Professor of the Division based on appraisal of the progress and details of justification for the extension needed, the period of junior/senior scholarships is extendable in exceptional cases for period not exceeding three months/six months, respectively.

In the case of SC/ST/PH students, the scholarships are extendable upto a period of six months/one year, respectively.

  1. The students who have undergone introductory courses on agriculture in the first year of their study at IARI shall be provided Institute scholarship for a period of one year in addition to the provisions mentioned above.
  2. The scholarships shall be awarded initially for a period of one academic year from the date of joining the Post Graduate School or the commencement of the academic year, whichever is later, and can be renewed for another year in the case of M.Sc. and two years in the case of Ph.D. students, subject to the earning of Overall Grade Point Average for continuing in the Post Graduate School.  
  3. Requests for extension beyond these limits will be examined by the Dean on their merits. The total period for which scholarships shall be awarded including extension period shall not exceed three years and three months in the case of M.Sc. students, and four years and six months in the case of Ph.D. students.  
  4. The payment of scholarship/fellowship should be reviewed at the end of 3rd trimester and only those students will be permitted to continue getting fellowship who maintain the OGPA of 6.50 out of 10.00 at the end of 3rd trimester. All M.Sc./ Ph.D. students will be required to maintain the minimum OGPA of 6.00 out of 10.00 at the end of 3rd trimester to continue on the Post Graduate School rolls. 
  5. The scholarship shall be paid only for the period of residence of the recipient a t Post Graduate School (inclusive of the summer vacation, the trimester breaks and such other leave as may be sanctioned under the rules) upto the date of final viva-voce (i.e. till they are on the rolls), subject to the condition that the maximum period of scholarship prescribed shall in no case be extended and provided he/she continues to reside in the Post Graduate Hostel and marks his/her attendance in the concerned division.

Value of Scholarship

The value of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. scholarship will be 7560/- and 13,125/- per month, respectively. The scholarship shall be drawn in the extension period also where such extension beyond two/three years, respectively, has been granted. The scholarship will be inclusive of all fees and other charges of the teaching institution. In addition to the monthly amount of junior/senior scholarship a contingent grant of 6,000/- per academic year for M.Sc. students, and 10,000/- per academic year for Ph.D. students will be paid towards the cost of experimental material, books, the thesis and the study tours required for the study as recommended by the Chairperson/Professor concerned.


Scholarship to the In-service Candidates/ Departmental Students

As per ICAR norms, the In-service candidates joining M.Sc./Ph.D. course on study leave/ deputation who are in receipt of study allowance/ halting allowance/deputation allowance etc. in addition to full leave salary, the scholarship amount will be adjusted so that they will get a maximum benefit of 3,000/- p.m. only in addition to full leave salary. This is in addition to the payment of contingent grant. Those in-service candidates who are not in receipt of JRF/SRF and receiving partial salary (half or leave without pay) will also be eligible to get Institute Scholarship of 3,000/- p.m. provided they are employed by ICAR/SAU system, either nominated by ICAR or selected for admission by any university and who opt to join at a place other than the one where working and provided further that the third degree is not from the same institute.

  1. The scholarships will be admissible to students of Indian Nationality as defined in the constitution of India or persons domiciled in India, irrespective of sex, race or religion.
  2. A fellow will be under the administrative control of the Dean. He/she will work under a recognised Guide on the faculty of the con-cerned discipline. 
  3. Each fellow will submit to the Dean, Post Graduate School for approval: (i) a Plan of Post Graduate Work, and (ii) an Outline of Research Work in the proforma prescribed, recommended by Advisory Committee, Professor and Head of the concerned discipline. 
  4. The scholarships will be effective from the date, the fellow joins the course of study at IARI. 
  5. A fellow will devote his/her whole time to the approved study and will not be allowed to accept or hold another appointment paid or otherwise. 
  6. If any residential accommodation is pro-vided by the Institute, license fee will be payable by him in accordance with the rules of the Institute. 
  7. The Institute will not provide the benefits of Provident Fund to the fellow.

Payment of Scholarship

  1. The payment of scholarship will be made on receipt of the following certificates submitted by the students in the prescribed proforma circulated by the Post Graduate School:
  • A written undertaking by the student to complete the study and research work assigned to him/her by the Guide;
  • A certificate that he/she is not drawing any other scholarship/fellowship and has not taken the benefit of fellowship through IARI/ICAR earlier.
  1. A scholar will not be allowed to avail any other scholarship/fellowship during the tenure of IARI scholarship. In case a candidate is already receiving any other scholarship/fellowship, it will be surrendered by him before accepting the IARI scholarship.
  • The applications of students who have completed not more than one year of study as IARI fellows may be forwarded for grant of external scholarships/fellowship.
  • The students who accept external scholarships/fellowship which are available for a pe-riod shorter than the maximum period of tenability of the IARI scholarships may be granted IARI scholarships for the period of deficiency in continuation of the external scholarship/fellowship. 

Extension of Scholarship/Fellowship

An application for extension of the term of scholarship will be forwarded to the Dean, Post Graduate School through the Chairperson/ Professor in the prescribed proforma (Annexure- XVII). The Dean, Post Graduate School will be the final authority to grant extension.


Termination of the Scholarship

  • The scholarship will be terminated
  1. On the date the fellow ceases to be on the rolls of the Post Graduate School.
  2. On the date the fellow completes his/her study which may include submission of thesis, viva-voce and written examination. 
  3. On the date of sanction of the scholarship expires, whichever is earlier. 
  4. If at any time, in the opinion of the Dean, Post Graduate School, a fellow is found to be negligent in his/her work or is guilty of unbecoming conduct, with or without notice.
  • If a fellow completes his/her study before the expiry of sanctioned term of his/her scholarship, the Guide will immediately inform the Dean, Post Graduate School.
  • A fellow shall not leave the course before its completion without prior approval of the Dean, Post Graduate School.
  • A fellow will not be allowed to apply for or accept any post/other scholarship/fellowship/ award during the currency of the scholarship without the permission of the Dean. If he/she is selected he/she will be relieved only after he/she has completed the study. He/she will be required to give an undertaking in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-XVIII).


A Fellow will submit a copy of the thesis to the Dean, immediately after the final viva-voce examination is over for onward transmission to the IARI Library. The fellow will not be paid the last full month’s stipend without production of a certificate from the Professor that a copy of the thesis has been received for submission to the Dean, Post Graduate School.

The receipt of financial assistance from the IARI should be suitably acknowledged by the fellow in the thesis submitted by him. 



A fellow will send to the Dean, Post Graduate School the particulars of the post, he/she has taken up on termination of his/her scholarship.


ICAR Fellowship

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has a scheme of awarding Senior Research Fellowship of the value of 15,000/- per month for first two years and 17,500/- for third year onwards for Ph.D. students with contingent grant of 10,000/- per annum, and Junior Research Fellowship of the value of 8,640/- per month for M.Sc. students with contingent grant of 6,000/
- per annum. The detailed terms and conditions of the scheme are available with the Deputy Director General (Education),  Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.