The prescribed guidelines/norms/rules/procedures of the IARI/ICAR are followed in carrying out the mandated activities of the Division in the area of research, teaching, trainings and extension activities. The relevant documents, reports, references materials, IARI website etc. are referred and consulted for implementing the specified activities and programmes of the Division.

1. Planning, Publication & Information (PPI) Unit

The Planning, Publication and Information Unit (PPI Unit) of the Institute has the major responsibility of coordination and monitoring of research activities at the Institute. Dissemination of scientific information to various concerned; preparation of reports, answers to parliament questions, and Five Year Plan documents; maintenance of the Central Museum; coordination of the visits of dignitaries and delegations, and assessments/reviews of scientists; and several tasks assigned by the Director/Joint Director (Research) from time to time, are various other activities that the PPI Unit performs. The Unit is a linkage between the scientists of the Institute, the Director, the Joint Director (Research) and the ICAR/DARE. The PPI Unit also performs public relations activities as people from all walks of life visit the Unit for information and advice on the activities of the Institute/Indian agriculture. 

2. Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)

The Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) functions under the supervision of the Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC), the highest decision making body responsible for deciding on all issues of IP management and technology transfer/commercialization, as per "ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization" effective October 2006.

The mandates of ITMU are as follows:

  1. Management of intellectual property and know-how developed in the Institute.
  2. Protection of intellectual property through patents, plant variety protection, trademark, etc.
  3. Commercialization/technology transfer through licensing agreements/ MoUs under public-private partnership programmes.

Interactions are regularly made with all stakeholders.

3. Publication Unit

An important mandate of the Institute is to develop an information system, add value to information and share the information nationally and internationally. The Publication Unit discharges this function by bringing out several regular and adhoc publications both in English and Hindi. It is the nodal point for compilation, editing, monitoring, and control.

The Unit assigns Institute Continuous Number (ICN) for technical bulletins/publications brought out by IARI both in English and Hindi. For this purpose, a separate register for English and a separate register for Hindi are maintained. The Unit also allots International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for publications, which are in the nature of a manual, handbook, text book, etc. For this purpose, the Institute has received ISBNs in bulk from the Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. However, the ISBNs allotted by the Institute will be subject to confirmation by the National Agency for ISBN before printing.