Research Programmes & Services

Research Thrust
Currently, the major focus of the Division is on the following two aspects:

  • Biochemistry of stress responses.
  • Nutritional sustainability and enhancement.

Services/ facilities:

  1. Tissue Culture Facility
  2. Proteomics Laboratory
  3. Facility for analytical estimations: UPLC, Real-Time PCR, NAL (Nutrient Analysis Laboratory) etc.

Externally Funded Research Projects:

S. No.Title of the Externally funded ProjectFunding agencyPrincipal InvestigatorPeriod
1. Development of Biochemical and Physical Processing Technology to Arrest Oxidation of Lipids/Flavones to Enhance the Shelf-Life of Pearl Millet Flour ICAR-Niche area of Excellence Dr.Shelly Praveen
2. Development and Evaluation of Thermotolerant Mutant in Bread Wheat by Augmenting Source and Sink Efficiency through Mutagenesis DAE-BRNS Dr.Ranjeet R. Kumar
3. Enhancing resilience of Indian agriculture to climate change NRM-ICAR Dr.Ranjeet R. Kumar
4. Characterization of heat-linked QTLs and Enzymes associated with starch biosynthesis pathway in wheat EMR-ICAR Dr.Ranjeet R. Kumar
5. Sensors of heat stress: exploring mitogen-activated protein kinase genes and dissecting their role in thermo tolerance of wheat CSIR, GOI Dr.Ranjeet R. Kumar
6. Exploring the Epigenetic Control of Heat Stress Responses in Wheat for Characterizing the Regulatory Networks Associated with Thermotolerance. CABin-ICAR Dr.Ranjeet R. Kumar
7. Epigenomics of drought acclimatization & stress memory in rice NASF Dr. Suresh Kumar 2018- 2021
8. Epigenomics of Phosphorus use Efficiency in Rice EMR-ICAR Dr. Suresh Kumar 2018-2021
9. Pullulanase based identification of high resistant starch rice DST/SERB Dr. Archana Singh 2018 -2021