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PG II Laboratory

Laboratory Principal investigator: Dr. S. S. Sindhu and Dr. Reeta Bhatia Dey

Laboratory members: Dr. M. K. Singh, Dr. Kishan Swaroop, Dr. Gunjeet Kumar Dr. A. K Tiwari, Dr. Namita, Dr. Sapna Panwar, Dr. Ritu Jain, Dr.Babita Singh, Dr. Prativa Anand.

Lab profile

The main focus of this laboratory is to develop doubled haploids (DHs), somatic hybridization and in vitro maintenance of elite germplasm in economically important flower crops.

The Research Work Being Carried Out

Development of doubled haploids:

The main focus of this laboratory is to develop doubled haploids (DHs) in economically important flower crops. This laboratory has the good facilities to under the DH work. The protocols have been developed for induction of haploids and doubled haploids in marigold, chrysanthemum and gladiolus in this laboratory. Different techniques of haploid induction like gynogenesis, induced parthenogenesis and androgenesis have been optimised and protocols were standardized for characterization and chromosome doubling of identified haploids.

Somatic Hybridization:

The work on protoplast isolation and fusion for the development of novel somatic hybrids is being initiated in this laboratory. This laboratory has good facility to undertake cell/protoplast culture research and cytological and molecular characterization of invitro regenerated plants.

In vitro Maintenance of Elite germplasm:

The protocols have been developed for in vitro maintenance and mass multiplication of elite germplasm of marigold, gladiolus, lisianthus and chrysanthemum. The efforts are being made for rapid multiplication of newly released varieties of flower crops through tissue culture.

Cytological analysis and molecular characterization:

This laboratory is capable of undertaking cytological analysis and molecular characterization of flower crop germplasm.

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