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1. Name of Lab incharge and Lab co-In charge/technical person with photograph:

        In-Charge: Dr. Shyam Sundar Dey

        Co In-Charge: Dr. Suman Lata

Vegetable genomics and cell biology laboratory (Molecular Lab-III):

Rapid advancement in genomics with the advent of next generation sequencing resulted in their wide application in important vegetable crops. Development and application of molecular markers for economically important traits are of particular interest to manage the several emerging challenges in the era of climate change. Development of biotic and abiotic stress resilient cultivars is the key to sustain vegetable production in long term. Our lab is well equipped to discover the novel genes/ QTLs for economically important traits and to undertake the genomics assisted improvement programme in vegetable crops. Rapid development of homozygous inbreeds through induction of haploids, inter-specific/intergenic introgression of important traits from wild relatives through in vitro techniques is another objective to design smart crop varieties in vegetable crops.

2. Facilities available at laboratory with photograph brief description of instruments/facility
  1. PCR Machine
  2. Electrophoresis units
  3. Gel documentation units
  4. Incubators and incubator shaker
  5. High speed refrigerated centrifuges
  6. Freezers
  7. Precision weighing balance
  8. Ice flaking machine
  9. Water purification unit
  10. Seed germinator
  11. Laminar flow
  12. Well-equipped culture room


  • 3. Significant  past achievements  of laboratory
    • Understanding the molecular and physiological basis if shelf-life in cucumber
    • Development of molecular markers associated with shelf-life in cucumber
    • Development of QTLs associated with downy mildew and leaf curl resistance in cucumber
    • Marker assisted introgression of F locus for development of tropical gynoecious lines in cucumber
    • Marker assisted introgression of Ty genes associated with ToLCD resistance in tomato
    • Development cucumber and tomato varieties with introgressive with different economically important traits
4. Ongoing research programme in laboratory 
  • Marker assisted pyramiding of ToLCD, Late blight and nematode resistance in tomato
  • Genomics assisted breeding for development of tomato cultivars suitable for processing
  • Markers assisted introgression of F locus for gynoecism in tropical cucumber genotypes
  • Understanding the physiological and molecular basis of extended shelf-life in cucumber
  • Identification of novel genes/QTLs associated with economically important traits in cucumber and tomato
  • Understanding the plant mechanisms associated with important abiotic stresses in cucumber and tomato
5. others important information if any

  Our future research plan:

  • Discovery of novel genes/QTLs for important biotic and abiotic stresses in important vegetable crops
  • Marker assisted introgression and pyramiding of genes in cucumber and tomato
  • Understanding the molecular and physiological basis of abiotic stress tolerance in cucumber and tomato
  • Development of high throughput protocol for induction of haploids in cucumber and tomato

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