Enhancing productivity of quality seed yield

  • Development of efficient quality seed production programme of cereal crops, pulses crops, oilseed crops, and horticultural (especially vegetable & flower) crops.
  • Promote new improved varieties through generations’ system for seed multiplication with defined responsibility of production of different classes of seeds (nucleus, breeder and TFL seeds)
  • Emphasis on maintenance breeding for continuous supply of basic seed with high genetic purity
  • Standardization of postharvest handling of seeds
  • Emphasis on Seed Replacement Rate (SRR) and Varietal Replacement Rate (VRR)
  • Encouraging farmer’s under participatory seed production programme



  • Human Resources Development in seed sector –to impart training to seed personnel and farmers.
  • To organize Training and Education through Field Days and Field visits for seed production.
  • To provide farm advisory services to farmers (using updated extension bulletin’s like leaf lets, folder and pamphlets related to packages of practice of newly release varieties and existed verities of cereal crops, pulses crops, oilseed crops and vegetable crops).


Research Project: (2020-2025)

  • Realization of Varietal Improvement Programme through multiplication of different class of seeds of Agri-horticultural crops under Institution and participatory mode