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Genetics      (51 scientists)

Dr Muraleedhar S. Aski


Field of Specialisation : Lentil and Mungbean Breeding

Dr Muraleedhar S. Aski




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PG School, Faculty Disciplines : Genetics

No. of Students Guided : -    M.Sc :   2

   Ph.D :   0

Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating 6 and above with first or corresponding author only

  1. Muraleedhar S. Aski*, Mishra GP, Tokkas JP, Yadav PS, Rai N, Bansal R, Singh A, Gupta S, Kumar J, Parihar A, Kumar S, Kumar V, Saxsena AK, Das TR, Kumar A and Dikshit HK (2023) Strategies for identifying stable lentil cultivars (Lens culinaris Medik) for combating hidden hunger, malnourishment, and climate variability. Frontiers in Plant Science 14:1102879. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1102879
  2. Sinha, Mayank Kumar, Muraleedhar S. Aski*, Gyan Prakash Mishra, M. B. Kumar, Prachi S. Yadav, Jayanti P. Tokas, Sanjeev Gupta et al. "Genome-wide association analysis for grain micronutrients and anti-nutritional traits in mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek] using SNP markers." Frontiers in Nutrition 10 (2023): 1099004.
  3. Muraleedhar Aski*, Mehra, R., Mishra, G.P., Singh, D., Yadav, P., Rai, N., Reddy, V.R.P., MB, A.K., Pandey, R., Singh, M.P., Gayacharan., Bansal, R., Tripathi, K., Udupa, S.M., Kumar, S., Sarker, A. and Dikshit H.K. (2022) Genotypic variation in root architectural traits under contrasting phosphorus levels in Mediterranean and Indian origin lentil genotypes. PeerJ 10:e12766
  4. Muraleedhar Aski*, Neha Rai, Reddy, Harsh Kumar Dikshit, Gyan Prakash Mishra, et al (2021) Assessment of root phenotypes in mungbean mini-core collection (MMC) from the World Vegetable enter (AVRDC) Taiwan. PLoS ONE 16(3): 1-21
  5. Muraleedhar Aski*, Harsh Kumar Dikshit, Dharmendra Singh, Akanksha Singh and Prapti Prakash (2015) Inheritance of resistance to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic India Virus (MYMIV) in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 85 (9): 1144-1147
  6. Mishra, G.P., Aski, M.S., Bosamia, T., Chaurasia, S., Mishra, D.C., Bhati, J., Kumar, A., Javeria, S., Tripathi, K., Kohli, M., Kumar, R.R., Singh, A.K., Devi, J., Kumar, S. and Dikshit*, H.K. (2022) Insights into the Host-Pathogen Interaction Pathways through RNA-Seq Analysis of Lens culinaris Medik. in Response to Rhizoctonia bataticola Infection. Genes 2022, 13, 90. https://doi.org/ 10.3390/genes13010090
  7. Ramtekey, V., Bansal, R., Aski, M.S., Kothari, D., Singh, A., Pandey, R., Tripathi, K., Mishra, G.P., Kumar, S. and Dikshit , H.K. (2021) Genetic Variation for Traits Related to Phosphorus Use Efficiency in Lens Species at the Seedling Stage. Plants 2021, 10, 2711. https://doi.org/ 10.3390 plants10122711
  8. Gupta, S., Das, S., Dikshit, H.K., Mishra, G.P., Aski, M.S., Bansal, R., Tripathi, K., Bhowmik, A. and Kumar, S. (2021) Genotype by Environment Interaction Effect on Grain Iron and Zinc Concentration of Indian and Mediterranean Lentil Genotypes. Agronomy 11, 1761. https:// doi.org/10.3390/agronomy11091761
  9. Reddy, V.R.P., Das, S., Dikshit, H.K., Mishra, G.P., Aski, M.S., Singh, A., Tripathi, K., Pandey, R., Bansal, R., Pal Singh, M. and Gore, P.G., 2021. Genetic Dissection of Phosphorous Uptake and Utilization Efficiency Traits Using GWAS in Mungbean. Agronomy, 11(7), p.1401.
  10. Singh D, Chaudhary P, Taunk J, Singh CK, Singh D, Tomar RS, Aski M, Konjengbam NS, Raje RS, Singh S, Sengar RS. Fab Advances in Fabaceae for Abiotic Stress Resilience: From ‘Omics’ to Artificial Intelligence. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021 Jan; 22(19):10535.

Patent / Technologies / Methodologies / System etc. (Upto Five) :

  1. Two desi chickpea varieties for UP ( IPC 2004-98, IPC 2005-62) notified by CVRC (S.O.99(E) 06.01.2020)
  1. Five Lentil varieties for CZ (L4717, L 4727, L 4729 , PDL-1 and PSL-9 ) by released and notified by CVRC -S.O.1007 (E) 30.032017,S.O.1379 (E) 23.03.2018, S.O.99(E) 06.01.2020, S.O.3482(E) 07.10.2020
  1. Three mungbean varieties (Pusa 1431 and Pusa 1641 for NCR and Pusa 1371 for NHZ region) notified by CVRC.S.O. 1007(E) 30.03.2017, S.O. 1379(E) 27.03.2018, S.O.2986(E).20.07.2021
  1. Three registration of lentil germplasm with NBPGRPDL1 IC 0621470, INGR 7015, (Source of Salinity tolerance)L4704 IC 0616579, INGR 5056,(High Fe and Zn content)PMF1 INGR20029, (Multi-flower trait)
  1. PSL-19: Lentil variety released in NCT of Delhi for salinity conditions (ECe 5.1 to 5.8 dS/m).

Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Upto Five) :

  1. Excellence in Research Award 2020 by GRISAAS 2020 held at Hyderabad(Telangana) and Excellence in Research Award 2021 by ICAAAS 2021 (Virtual mode).
  1. ASPEE Fellowship for Masters program, and Senior Research Fellow (SRF) at IARI during the Ph.D. programme.
  1. Early Career Research Award by DST SERB 2018
  1. Received distinguished Young Scientist award during GRISAAS 2019 at Hyderabad
  1. Received recognition certificate from Director, BIGM, ICARDA for development of L 4717 and L 4727