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Agricultural Economics      (14 scientists)

Dr P. Venkatesh


Field of Specialisation : Agricultural Development & Policy, Valuation of Ecosystem Services , Agriculture and Nutrition security, Agricultural marketing-e-NAM;Export impact analysis through SAM

Dr P. Venkatesh

Principal Scientist

M.Sc. : Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural Univeristy,Hyderabad

Ph.D : ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute,New Delhi

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PG School, Faculty Disciplines : Agricultural Economics

No. of Students Guided : -    M.Sc :   6

   Ph.D :   0

Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating 6 and above with first or corresponding author only

  1. P. Venkatesh and Suresh Pal (2013) Determinants and Valuation of Plant Variety Protection in India. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, 18: 448-456.
  2. V. Sangeetha, Ram Bahal, Premlata Singh and P. Venkatesh (2013) Impact of NGO-led self-help groups on the empowerment of rural women � experiences from South India. Outlook on Agriculture, 42(1):59-63.
  3. P.Venkatesh , Nithyashree M L, V Sangeetha and Suresh Pal (2015) Trends in agriculture, non-farm sector and rural employment in India: An insight from state level analysis. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 85 (5): 671�677.
  4. Babu S C, Huang J, Venkatesh P and Zhang Y. (2015) A comparative analysis of agricultural research and extension reforms in China and India. China Agricultural Economic Review, 7 (4): 541-572. DOI 10.1108/CAER-05-2015-0054.
  5. P.Venkatesh , I.Sekar, G.K.Jha, Premlata Singh, V.Sangeetha and Suresh Pal (2016). How do the stakeholders perceive plant variety protection in Indian seed sector? Current Science, 110 (12): 2239-2244.
  6. Sangeetha V, P Singh, G S Mahra, S Sarkar, Venkatesh P , Satyapriya, B S Tomar, M Wason (2017). Assessment of food consumption pattern in Uttar Pradesh: A dietary diversity study. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 87 (6): 846�52.
  7. Baliwada H, Sharma J. P. Burman R. R, Nain M. S., Kumar.A and Venkatesh P. (2017) A study on institutionalization of farmer-led innovations for their scaling up. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 87 (12): 1725�1729.
  8. Sangeeta B, P Venkatesh, KS Aditya, Rajarshi Roy Burman (2020) The Macro and Micro Point of View of Farmer Suicides in India , National Academy Science Letters. Pp 1-7. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40009-020-00920-4
  9. R Shenaz, P Venkatesh, DR Singh, VR Renjini, GK Jha, DK Sharma (2021)Ecosystem valuation and eco-compensation for conservation of traditional paddy ecosystems and varieties in Kerala, India. Ecosystem Services, 49;1-9
  10. 1. S Rasheed , P. Venkatesh , D R Singh , V.R. Renjini , G K Jha, D K Sharma (2021) Who cultivates traditional paddy varieties and why? Findings from Kerala, India.Current Science (Forthcoming)

Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Upto Five) :

  1. ICAR-Jawaharlal Nehru Best Doctoral Thesis Award (2014) by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi.
  1. Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award 2021 and AAEA Trust LILMI Travel Grant Award (2015) by Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA), USA
  1. Emerald Literati Network Awards (2016) by Emerald Literati Network, Emerald Publishing Limited, Yorkshire, U.K.
  1. Dr.N.A.Majumder Prize Award (2018) by Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (IASE), Mumbai
  1. Dr.R.T.Doshi Award for Best Presentation 2014 and Young Agricultural Economist Award (2019) by Agricultural Economics Research Association (AERA), New Delhi.