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Agricultural Physics      (12 scientists)

Dr P. Krishnan


Field of Specialisation : Biophysics, Plant Physics, Environmental Physics, Thermal and visible Image processing, Crop Simulation Modelling

Dr P. Krishnan

Professor and Principal Scientist

M.Sc. : University of Madras

Ph.D : Indian Agricultural Research Institute

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PG School, Faculty Disciplines : Agricultural Physics

No. of Students Guided : -    M.Sc :   9

   Ph.D :   6

Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating 6 and above with first or corresponding author only

  1. Krishnan P, B Ramakrishnan, K Raja Reddy and V R Reddy (2011) High temperature stress effects on rice plant growth and yield. Advances in Agronomy (USA) 111: 87-206. (IF - 6.919) [NAAS 2023, 15.27]
  2. Krishnan P, N J Kruger, R G Ratcliffe (2005) Metabolite fingerprinting of plants using NMR spectroscopic techniques Journal of Experimental Botany (UK) 56(410): 255-265. (IF - 7.378) [NAAS 2023, 13.3]
  3. Krishnan P*, R K Sharma, Anchal Das, Ankur Kukreja, Ravi Srivastava, Ruchika Jain Singhal, K. K. Bandyopadhyay, Khajanchi Lal, K. M. Manjaiah, R. S. Chhokar and S. C. Gill (2016) Web-based crop model: Web InfoCrop - Wheat to simulate the growth and yield of wheat. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 127: 324-335. (IF -6.757) [NAAS 2023, 12.76]
  4. Krishnan P*, Swain D K, Baskar C, Nayak S K and Dash R N (2007) Impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on rice yield and methods of adaptation as evaluated by crop simulation studies. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 122(2): 233-242. (IF - 6.579) [NAAS 2023, 12.58]
  5. Brijesh Yadav, Prameela Krishnan*, P.M. Shafeeq, C.M. Parihar, Pramila Aggarwal (2020) Modelling soil thermal regime in wheat using HYDRUS-2D under diversified maize-based cropping systems. Catena, 194: 104765. (IF - 6.367) [NAAS 2023, 12.37]
  6. Koushik Banerjee and P. Krishnan* (2020) Normalized Sunlit Shaded Index (NSSI) for characterizing the moisture stress in wheat crop using classified thermal and visible images. Ecological Indicators. 110: 105947 (IF - 6.263) [NAAS 2023, 12.26]
  7. Koushik Banerjee; Prameela Krishnan* and B Das (2020) Thermal imaging and multivariate techniques for characterizing and screening wheat genotypes under water stress condition. Ecological Indicators. 119: 106829 (IF - 6.263) [NAAS 2023, 12.26]
  8. Victor Banerjee, P Krishnan*, B Das, A P S Verma and E Varghese (2015) Crop Status Index as an indicator of wheat crop growth condition under abiotic stress situations. Field Crops Research 181: 16-31. (IF - 6.145) [NAAS 2023, 12.15]
  9. Das S, Krishnan P*, Monalisa Nayak and B. Ramakrishnan (2014) High temperature stress effects on pollens of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 101: 36-46. (IF - 6.028) [NAAS 2023, 12.03]
  10. Singh R N, Krishnan P*, Vaibhav K Singh, Sonam Sah and B Das (2023) Combining biophysical parameters with thermal and RGB indices using machine learning models for predicting yield in yellow rust affected wheat crop. Scientific Reports Combining biophysical parameters with thermal and RGB indices using machine learning models for predicting yield in yellow rust affected wheat crop. Scientific Reports (nature.com) 13:18814 [NAAS 2023, 11.0]

Patent / Technologies / Methodologies / System etc. (Upto Five) :

  1. Web based wheat crop simulation model - Web InfoCrop (Wheat) (Copyright - SW-14149/2021), developed Web based DSSs (a) to identify the best sowing date for wheat cultivar and (b) to identify the best wheat cultivar for a particular location, soil type and crop management conditions
  1. Developed thermal imaging technique to estimate (a) the Normalized Sunlit and Shaded area (NSSI), (b) leaf area index of wheat crop canopy
  1. Estimated (i) chickpea wilt severity (b) yellow rust severity in wheat, using machine learning coupled with model combination techniques using biophysical parameters, thermal and visible imaging techniques.
  1. Estimated non-destructively, in-situ Fruit growth stages of Tomato Fruits using machine learning techniques based on biophysical parameters, thermal and visible imaging techniques.
  1. Fabricated as co-developer Electrochemical Nanosensor for Detection of Nitrate Content in Soil Extract

Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Upto Five) :

  1. Fellow - National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), New Delhi - 2021
  1. ICAR - Punjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman Scientist Award - 2014 by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
  1. Fellow - Indian Society of Plant Physiology (ISPP) - 2014, New Delhi
  1. Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship (USA) 2009-2010 by J William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and Cultural affairs of the United States of Department of State (USDA), Washington DC, USA, to visit Global Climate change Laboratory, USDA, Maryland, USA
  1. BOYSCAST (2003) Fellowship by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, to visit Laboratory of NMR, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, UK