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Agronomy      (27 scientists)

Dr. Dibakar Mahanta


Field of Specialisation : Organic Farming, Root Morphology, Soil Quality, Nutrient Management

Dr. Dibakar Mahanta

Sr. Scientist

M.Sc. : GBPUAT, Pantnagar

Ph.D : IARI, New Delhi

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PG School, Faculty Disciplines : Agronomy

Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating 6 and above with first or corresponding author only

  1. Mahanta, D., Bhattacharyya, R., Mishra, P.K, Gopinath, K.A., Channakeshavaih, C., Krishnan, J., Raja, A., Tuti, M.D., Pandey, B.M., Varghese, E., Bisht, J.K., Bhatt, J.C., 2017. Influence of a six-year organic and inorganic fertilization on the diversity of the soil culturable microrgansims under legume crops in the mid-Himalayas. Applied Soil Ecology 120, 229-238.
  2. Tuti, M.D., Prakash, V., Pandey, B.M., Bhattacharyya, R., Mahanta, D., Bisht, J.K., Kumar, M., Mina, B.L., Kumar, N., Bhatt, J.C., Srivastva, A.K., 2012. Energy budgeting of colocasia-based cropping systems in the Indian sub-Himalayas. Energy 45, 986-993.
  3. Mahanta, D., Rai, R.K., Mishra, S.D., Raja, A., Purakayastha, T.J., Varghese, E., 2014. Influence of phosphorus and biofertilizers on soybean and wheat root growth and properties. Field Crops Research 166, 1-9.
  4. Choudhary, M., Panday, S.C., Meena, V.S., Singh, S., Yadav, R.P., Mahanta, D., Mondal, T., Mishra, P.K., Bisht, J.K., Pattanayak, A., 2018. Long-term effects of organic manure and inorganic fertilization on sustainability and chemical soil quality indicators of soybean-wheat cropping system in the Indian mid-Himalayas. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 257, 3846.
  5. Mahanta, D., Rai, R.K., Dhara, S., Varghese, E., Raja, A., Purakayastha, T.J., 2018. Modi?cation of root properties with phosphate solubilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhiza to reduce rock phosphate application in soybean-wheat cropping system. Ecological Engineering 111, 31-43.
  6. Panday, S.C., Choudhary, M., Singh, S., Meena, V.S., Mahanta, D., Yadav, R.P., Pattanayak, A., Bisht, J.K., 2018. Increasing farmers income and water use effficiency as affected by long-term fertilization under a rainfed and supplementary irrigation in a soybean-wheat cropping system of Indian mid-Himalaya. Field Crops Research 219, 214221.
  7. Mahanta, D., Bhattacharyya, R., Gopinath, K.A., Tuti, M.D., Jeevanandan, K., Chandrashekara, C., Raja, A., Mina, B.L., Pandey, B.M., Mishra, P.K., Bisht, J.K., Srivastva, A.K., Bhatt, J.C., 2013. Influence of farmyard manure application and mineral fertilization on yield sustainability, carbon sequestration potential and soil property of gardenpea-french bean cropping system in the Indian Himalayas. Scientia Horticulturae 164, 414-427.
  8. Choudhary M, S.C. Panday, V.S. Meena, S. Singh, R.P. Yadav, A. Pattanayak, D. Mahanta, J.K. Bisht, J. Stanley, 2020. Long-term tillage and irrigation management practices: Strategies to enhance crop and water productivity under rice-wheat rotation of Indian mid-Himalayan Region. Agricultural Water Management 232, 106067.
  9. Mahanta, D., Bhattacharyya, R., Sahoo, D.C., Tuti, M.D., Gopinath, K.A., Raja, A., Mina, B.L., Pandey, B.M., Bisht, J.K., Srivastva, A.K., Bhatt, J.C., 2015. Optimization of farmyard manure to substitute mineral fertilizer for sustainable productivity and higher carbon sequestration potential and profitability under gardenpea-french bean cropping system in the Indian Himalayas. Journal of Plant Nutrition 38, 1709-1733.
  10. Tuti M.D., R.S. Pal, D. Mahanta, B.M. Pandey, J.K. Bisht, 2020. Soil Chemical and Biological Activities under Vegetable Intensive Colocasia-based Cropping System in Indian Sub-Himalayas. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 51, 948962.

Patent / Technologies / Methodologies / System etc. (Upto Five) :

  1. Central Maize VL Babycorn 2
  1. VL Sweet Corn Hybrid 2
  1. VL Maize Hybrid 57
  1. VL Gehun 907
  1. VL Barley 118

Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Upto Five) :

  1. Dr. Boshi Sen Memorial Biennial Award for "Outstanding Scientific Staff" during 2017-18 from ICAR-VPKAS, Almora
  1. IARI Merit Medal for outstanding Academic Performance in Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programme in 2009 from IARI, New Delhi
  1. G.A. Dastane Memorial Medal for outstanding Ph.D. work in 2009 from IARI, New Delhi