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Agronomy      (26 scientists)

Dr Anchal Dass


Field of Specialisation : Precision Farming, Water Management, Soybean Agronomy, SRI, SWI

Dr Anchal Dass

Principal Scientist

M.Sc. : HPKV Palmapur

Ph.D : GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar

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PG School, Faculty Disciplines : Agronomy

No. of Students Guided : -    M.Sc :   IARI: 04 ANASTU: 05 Total 9

   Ph.D :   Guiding 02 (Took split); Currently guiding 03

Publications (Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating 6 and above with first or corresponding author only) :

  1. Dass, Anchal and Bhattacharyya, R. 2017. Wheat residue mulch and anti-transpirants improve productivity and quality of rainfed soybean in semi-arid north-Indian plains. Field Crops Research 2010: 9-19. NAAS rating 9.87
  1. Dass, Anchal, Shekhawat, K., Choudhary, Anil K., Sepat, S., Rathore, S.S, Mahajan, G. and Chauhan, B.S. 2017. Weed management in rice using crop-competition. Crop Protection. 95: 45�52. NAAS rating 8.17
  1. Dass, Anchal, Sudhishri, S., Lenka, N.K. and Pantaik, U.S. 2011. Runoff capture through vegetative barriers and planting methodologies to reduce erosion, and improve soil moisture, fertility and crop productivity in southern Orissa, India. Nutrient Cycling in Agro-ecosystems 89: 45-57. NAAS rating 8.85
  1. Dass Anchal and Chandra, S. 2013. Irrigation, spacing and cultivar effects on net photosynthetic rate, dry matter partitioning and productivity of rice under system of rice intensification in Mollisols of northern India. Experimental Agriculture 49(4):504-523. NAAS rating 8.01
  1. Dass, Anchal, Chandra, S., Choudhary, A.K., Singh, G. and Sudhishri, S. 2016. Influence of field re-ponding pattern and plant spacing on rice root-shoot characteristics, yield, and water productivity of two modern cultivars under SRI management in Indian Mollisols. Paddy and Water Environment 14:45�59. NAAS rating 7.27
  1. Dass, Anchal, Chandra, S, Uphoff, N., Choudhary, A. K., Bhattacharyya, R. and Rana, KS. 2017. Agronomic fortification of rice grains with secondary and micronutrients under differing crop management and soil moisture regimes in the north Indian Plains. Paddy and Water Environment 15(4): 745760. NAAS rating 7.26
  1. Rana, D.S., Dass, Anchal (Corresponding author)., Rajanna, G.A and Choudhary, Anil K. 2018. Fertilizer phosphorus solubility effects on Indian mustardmaize and wheatsoybean cropping systems productivity. Agronomy Journal 110 (6) 2608-2618. NAAS Rating 7.81
  1. Dass, Anchal, Lenka, N.K. Patnaik, U.S. and Sudhishri, S. 2008. Influence of integrated nutrient management on production, economics and soil properties in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L ) under on-farm conditions in eastern ghats of Orissa. Indian Journal Agricultural Sciences 78 (1)40- 43. NAAS Rating 6.25
  1. 49. Dass, A., Dey, Debjani, Lal, S.K. and Rajanna, G. A. 2019. Tank-mix insecticide and herbicide application effects on weeds, insect-pest menace and soybean productivity in semi-arid northern plains of India. Legume Research 42(3): 385-391. NAAS Rating 6.34
  1. Dass, Anchal, Nain, A.S., Sudhishri, S., and Chandra, S. 2012. Simulation of maturity duration and productivity of two rice varieties under system of rice intensification using DSSAT v 4.5/CERES-Rice model. Journal of Agro-meteorology, 14(1):26-30. NAAS Rating 6.64

Patent / Technologies / Methodologies / System etc. (Upto Five) :

  1. Developed a model watershed for holistic development in Eastern Ghats of India.Kokriguda watershed was developed in to a replicable Model Watershed for Eastern Ghats of India. A participatory and integrated approach was used. This watershed emerged as suc
  1. Developed and standardized fingermillet + pigeonpea (6:2) inter-cropping system for eastern India (Ghat region)
  1. Integrated resource conservation technology involving vegetative barriers with trench-cum-bund for protecting rainfed lower mid-slopes and enhancing crop productivity. The technology consists of vegetative barrier of local grass sambuta planted in double
  1. Plant sensor Sensors guided nitrogen and water management practices in maize-wheat system
  1. Standardized specifications and contributed in the Development of Single-Row Manual SWI-Planter and 8-Row Tractor-drawn SWI Planter. Also, evaluated these planters

Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Upto Five) :

  1. ICAR-Vasant Rao Naik award for Research Application in Dry Land Agriculture
  1. Fellow Indian Society of Agronomy 2014
  1. Special Research Award of Soil Conservation Society of India 2019
  1. Fellow of GKV Society Award 2018
  1. Outstanding Achievement Award of GKV Society