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FOSU was established in 1977 at IARI. Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping unit (OHLU) is also merged with FOSU. The combined unit is known as Farm, Horticulture and Landscape Operation Service Unit (FHLOSU). The objective of this unit is to plan and provide various operational and machinery service to the IARI farm. There are two water storage tanks of 18 lakh gallon storage capacity of water for irrigation. There is a well equipped workshop at the unit to look after the day-to-day repair and maintenance of the imported and indigenous machines. The Unit has following objectives:

  • Allotment of land to Division out of 750-Acre experiment's Area
  • Preparation of land for cultivation of crops
  • To provide irrigation to the fields using two storage tanks filled by tubewell pumping.
  • To provide service of repair and maintenance to agricultural machinery and tractors.
  • Weed control of IARI farm
  • To collect biomass and deposit it to Biomass Utilization Unit and supply of FYM to different fields
  • To provide diesel to vehicles of different divisions as a central facility
  • To provide DPLs to different divisions / sections.
  • To supervise all the landscaping work, maintenance of gardens/lawns of the Institute and its residential areas.

Farm, Horticulture and Landscape Operation Service Unit (FHLOSU) has five basic/major components i.e.

  1. Farm operation management
  2. Irrigation system management
  3. Biomass /crop residue management
  4. Weed Management
  5. Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping unit (OHLU)

Farm operation management

Farm Operation Service Unit (FOSU) managed all field operations including field preparations to crop sowing, harvesting and threshing in 750 acres of IARI farm using indigenous and imported machines. In addition to this other operational and routine farm operations activities, transportation of farm produce from different divisional field to Pusa produce sale Centre and providing water tanker facility to Pusa staff for social welfare activities were also under taken by FOSU. Sowing and harvesting operations of crops at experimental fields were accomplished in time during Rabi andKharif season.

Irrigation system management

For efficient distribution of irrigation water efforts were made to conserve water and apply judiciously. Repair and maintenance of field channels, irrigation water distribution infrastructure and other tubewells were carried out so that irrigation water supply to all field experiments is not hampered. More than half dozen skilled personal have been engaged in our irrigation system management.

Biomass /crop residue management

The Farm Operations Service Unit (FOSU), with close collaborative efforts of Divisions of Agronomy and Agricultural Engineering, is working on collections and transportation of crop residues and other biomass produced at the IARI experimental farms for preparing FYM. FOSU has lifted approximately 1800 trolley per year load of crop residue/biomass from various corners of IARI farm and transported them to the site of “Biomass Utilization Unit”, IARI for value addition.

Weed Management

Weed control work at IARI farm in non–cropped area i.e. farm road sides, bund &channels, Nala sides and security road by manual, chemical and mechanical weed control work done by FOSU. Cleanliness of all IARI farm by lifting biomass were also under taken by FOSU. In addition to above work FOSU has distributed and managed all the DPL’s to different divisions and projects of IARI. This include their salary distribution, EPF and ESIC management of daily paid labours.

Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping unit (OHLU)

Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping unit (OHLU) was merged in the FOSU for creating synergies of work for efficient operations of the Unit. The merged unit was named as Farm, Horticulture and Landscape Operation Service Unit (FHLOSU). The unit supervised all the landscaping work, maintenance of gardens/lawns of the Institute. Due support of machinery and maintenance of machinery was given by FOSU and its workshop staff.

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