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The Institute is a constituent unit of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960. The Director is the principal executive officer of the Institute. The Institute has five main bodies which are responsible for broad policy matters and decision making in the field of research, post-graduate education and training, extension education and administration. 

The smooth functioning of the Institute activities is ensured by the Institute’s Management Committee with the Director as the administrative head. Three Joint Directors, viz., Joint Director (Research), Dean and Joint Director (Education), and Joint Director (Extension) dealing with research, teaching and extension provide complete support to the Director. The Joint Director (Administration) and the Comptroller/ Chief Finance and Account Officer provide support in the administration and finance of the Institute. The Board of Management, Research Advisory Committee, Executive Council, Academic Council, Extension Council and Staff Research Council facilitate the smooth functioning of the Institute with their support in various ways. The two other important statutory bodies for the smooth functioning of the Institute are the Joint Staff Council and Institute Grievance Cell.


IARI Administration
Dr. Viswanathan Chinnusamy
joint Director (Research)

Dr. Anupama Singh
Joint Director, Education & Dean

Dr. R.N.Padaria
Joint Director, Extension

Sh. Pushpendra Kumar
Registrar & Joint Director(Admn.)

Sh. Dharam Das Verma
Senior Comptroller

Board of Management
Executive Council
Academic Council
Institute Research Council
Extension Council
Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC)
Institute Grievance Committee
Chief Vigilance Officer - ICAR


The highest policy-making body of the Institute is its Board of Management. The Staff Research Council is responsible for the formulation of research projects and monitoring their progress. The Academic Council takes decisions in all matters related to post-graduate education. The Director is the executive and academic head of the Institute, which is also a Deemed-to-be-University and is the ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Management, Executive Council, Academic Council and Extension Council. The Board of Management and the Academic Council are the apex bodies of the Institute, which take decisions on administrative, financial and academic matters. Academic Council, Executive Council, Staff Research Council, Extension Council and various Standing Committees provide the necessary recommendations/suggestions to facilitate the Board of Management to take appropriate decisions. The research activities are monitored by the Joint Director (Research). The Dean and the Joint Director (Education) co-ordinate the academic activities of the Institute. Matters pertaining to extension education of the Institute are executed through the Joint Director (Extension). The Joint Director (Administration) of the Institute provides the necessary support to the Director in taking decisions regarding service matters of both faculty and staff. Matters pertaining to financial and budgetary aspects are channeled through the Chief Finance and Accounts Officer.