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Crop Improvement


Seed Science and Technology

Hybrid seed production technologies have been developed for paddy hybrid and parental lines, sunflower, tomato, brinjal and cauliflower under north Indian conditions.
Treatments have been developed for the enhancement of seed quality attributes, such as germination, vigour, emergence ability, seed health and physical properties. Such treatments include priming, polymer coating, pesticidal treatments, botanical and combinations of the above.
Reliable and accurate assessment of seed quality attributes is critical for ensuring high quality standards. Seed testing protocols have been standardized for a number of green manuring and medicinal plant species, viz., Sesbania, Crotolaria, Plantago, Withania etc.
Methods for more precise assessment of the planting value of the seed, through an appropriate vigour testingmethod and that of its genetic potential, through an accurate estimation of genetic purity (particularly in high value hybrids) have been standardized to improve the seed quality and ensure better productivity.

Post Harvest Technology

Technology for preparation of onion, garlic and ginger powder
Technology for making flakes of pigeon pea
Standardized technology for making flakes from maize and sorghum
Developed 'Pusa Zero Energy Cool Chamber' for on-farm storage of horticultural crops
Recommended CFB boxes for packing of fruits
Technology for steeping preservation of vegetables
Technology for production of fruit based drinks popularly known as "Pusa Fruit Drinks"
Packaging technology for capsicum for retail marketing and long distance transportation
Technology for extensing shelf life of white button mushroom for retail marketing
Controled atmospheric protocol for storage of mango and guava
Whole tomato crush technology
Production technology for dehydrated dip mango slices and ready-to-eat carrot shreds
Technique for antioxidant rich tomato pulp
Modified atmospheric packing technology for vegetables
Technology for frozen ginger slices
Technology for frozen capsicum slices
Technology for making jamun juice concentrate
Improved manual harvester for mango
Solar tunnel type dehydrator for vegetables
Garlic peeler machine for SSI Units