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Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit Research Publication

Research Paper (2019-21):
  1. A.K. Dubey, R.M. Sharma A, Deepak A, Amrender Kumar (2021) Long term performance of mango varieties on five polyembryonic rootstocks under subtropical conditions: effect on vigour, yield, fruit quality and nutrient acquisition, Scientia Horticulturae, 280 (NAAS rating: 8.77)
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Research Paper (2017-19):

  1. Mrinmoy Ray, Anil Rai, K.N. Singh, Ramasubramanian V. and Amrender Kumar (2017). Technology forecasting using time series intervention based trend impact analysis for wheat yield scenario in India, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 118, May 2017, pp 128-133 (NAAS rating: 9.22)

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Research Paper (2015-16):

  1. Amrender Kumar, C. Chattopadhayay, A K Mishra and A. K. Jain (2015). Neural network based prediction models for evaporation, Mausam (accepted for publication) (NAAS rating -6.14)
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Research Paper (2013-14)

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