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Agricultural Technology Information Centre


About Agricultural Technology Information Centre

Dr. Narayan V. Kumbhare
E-mail: incharge_atic[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in, nvkumbhare[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in

National Agricultural Research System has generated number of agricultural technologies for the benefit of the farmers. But, the farmers are not able to use these technologies due to lack of access to the information. To bridge this gap of information, Agricultural Technology Information Centers (ATIC) have been established in the country.

ATIC of IARI, New Delhi was established in 1999 as a ‘single window’ delivery system for the technology, services and products of the Institute for the benefit of the farming community. ATIC provides farm advisory services and facilitate information-based decision making among farmers.

Our Mission
  •  To provide a single window delivery system for the products and services to the farmers and other interested groups as a process of innovativeness in technology dissemination.

  • To facilitate direct access of the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology advice, technology products etc., for reducing technology dissemination losses.

  • To provide mechanism for feedback from the users to the Institute scientist

What do we DO

Research Programs

We have played a major role in giving the "Green Revolution" to India

Our Students

Maximum coverage of Area in Wheat, Rice, Mustard, etc.,

Our Labs

We have a major contribution in the export of crops Wheat, Rice, Mustard, etc.,

News and Events

We believe in creating new technologies for helping the farmers and researchers of India

Our Team

We are among the most prestigious Agricultural Universities in India

Our Achievements

We have pioneered rural development and extension of new agricultural technologies to the farmers since 1950s