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Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit

About Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit

Dr. Amrender Kumar

The Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) was established by merging Bioinformatics Centre (BIC), Unit for Application of System Simulation (UASS) and Internet Facility (IF) of IARI.
Our Mission
  • To develop prediction and classification models using Statistical technique, Non-linear approach, Artificial Intelligence based technique, Convolutional Neural Networks, Bioinformatics tools, etc. in agriculture.
  • To develop methodology, technology, process, web-based applications for e-resources and for knowledge management in agriculture
  • To provide internet connectivity, content development, e-mail services, website management for IARI and its Regional Stations
  • Human Resource Development on various domain of Information Technology in agricultural research

What do we DO

Research Programs

We have played a major role in giving the "Green Revolution" to India

Our Students

Quality education is hallmark of our Institute

Our Labs

We have a major contribution in the export of crops Wheat, Rice, Mustard, etc.,

News and Events

We believe in creating new technologies for helping the farmers and researchers of India

Our Team

We are among the most prestigious Agricultural Universities in India

Our Achievements

We have pioneered rural development and extension of new agricultural technologies to the farmers since 1950s

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