1. Technology Product sale: Technology Products available at ATIC Sale Counter include Seeds of cereals (Wheat, Paddy, Pearl millet) Pulses, Vegetable (Brinjal, Tomato, Cauliflower and other horticultural crops) Biofertilizers: (Rhizobium[Gram,Lentil,Pea,Berseem],PSB, Azotobactor, Mycorrhiza ) ,Small farm implements (Pusa Khurpa) .
  2. Farm Advisory Services and Exposure visits: A total number of 21,509 farmers / entrepreneurs, development department officials, students, NGO representatives etc. from 22 states of India visited ATIC during the year11-12 for farm advisory, diagnostic services, purchase of technological inputs/ products and trainings.
  3. Telephone Helpline:Farm advice was also provided through Pusa  Agri Com 1800-11- 8989(toll free), Pusa Helpline (011-25841670). A IInd Level of Kisan Call Centre (1800-180-1551) has also been established at ATIC for providing remedial measures to the problems / queries of farmers of Delhi state, which are escalated from level I.
  4. Publication and sale of farm literature: ATIC publishes Bimonthly Farm Magazine Prasar Doot, in Hindi providing timely articles by the experts from the institute .Farm Bulletins providing brief and appropriate information to different technologies developed by IARI are also published by ATIC and made available for sale.
  5. Crop Cafeteria:  A Crop Cafeteria has been developed at ATIC site for the benefit of visiting farmers it includes high intensity field crop based cropping system demonstrations. These live demonstrations include field crops, nutrition garden, medicinal garden  , fruit trees orchard ,bee keeping unit and Biogas plant.
  6. Exhibition: ATIC has installed a unique and attractive display system for exhibiting important Crop production technologies of IARI, at ATIC through Touch Panel Computer Display System, Models, Screen Rollers, Illuminated display panels for the benefit of visiting farmers.
  7. A unit of Bee keeping (apiary) with 4 bee hives have been established in ATIC which can be a source of knowledge to start a agrobased enterprise by the visiting rural youths and  farmers.
  8. A bio-gas plant (Gobar gas plant) of 4 cubic meter size has been constructed as a demonstration for the visitors.
  9. Drip irrigation system has been installed in ATIC crop cafeteria for demonstrating water saving technology to the visiting farmers.
  10. Two Touch Panel Kiosks to access latest IARI technology through computer for visitors have been installed in the corridor of ATIC building.




Accomplishments Beyond 10 years

Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) ,IARI established in 1998 at IARI ,New Delhi  is based on Single window concept and provides farm information advisory services, sale of seeds and other critical inputs to different stakeholders at one location contact point for guidance of farmers visiting the institute for varied purposes.
The Centre was first located at main gate IARI from where it was shifted to  new ATIC Building near  Inder Puri gate which was inaugurated on 10th October 2002 .