Major Achievements

A state-of-the art technological infrastructure has been established to demonstrate growing of horticultural crops under protected conditions. Two modern nurseries are functional and being used to raise high quality vegetable and flower seedlings for own use as well as for sale to the interested growers on payment basis. The following technologies are demonstrated at the Centre :

  • Protected production technology of horticultural crops
  • Automated pressurized fertigation and low pressure drip irrigation system
  • Different  protected structures  with and without climate control
  • Climate-controlled nurseries for raising of  plug seedling
  • Solar power operated greenhouse and soil-less  cultivation of  high value vegetables
  • Low cost structures including net house, walking tunnel and low tunnel technology for growing off-season crops
  • Rain water harvesting system, reservoir and filtration system
  • Package house with cold storage facility for value addition
  • Indigenous and imported drip fertigation Controllers


Infrastructure and Research facilities


Total area (m2)


Climate Controlled Greenhouses


Cucumber, Capsicum, Tomato & Cherry Tomato, rose and gerbera

Semi –climate controlled greenhouse


Tomato, Capsicum, Cucumber and gerbera

Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse


Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum , chrysanthemum and carnation



Vegetables / flowers seedlings

Insect  proof  Net house



 Shade Net  house


Leafy  vegetables  and ornamental greens

Low tunnels/walk-in-tunnels


Summer squash, cucurbits

Open fields


Seasonal Bulbous flowers and vegetables

Orchards (high density)


Lemon, Kinnow, Ber and  Mango

Solar power operated Greenhouse


Capsicum and cucumber.


New infrastructures added during 2013-14

  • New Fertigation Machine Installed
  • New Filtration unit at Reservoir installed
  • Growth chamber in CPCT field lab
  • Old Tractor replaced



  1. Institute Project: Protected Cultivation Technology of Horticultural Crops for Enhanced Income and Employment Generation,
    CPI: Dr.ShriDhar
  2. DST Project: “Development of Irrigation Scheduler: Programmable Systems” Duration 2010-2014,
    CPI: Dr. M. Hasan, Senior Scientist
  3. NAIP Project: “Protected Cultivation Technology for high value vegetables and cut flowers: A value Chain Approach” Duration 2009-2014,
    CPI: Dr. M. Hasan, Senior Scientist
  4. Training programmes on Protected Cultivation Technology
    • Sponsored training program are conducted for extension officers and farmers of the states /country
  5. Technology demonstration
    • Demonstration of protected cultivation technologies under different protected structures at the CPCT Farm
    • Demonstration of vegetable/ flower crops /varieties at farmers’ levels
    • Vegetable cultivation under shade net house during summer season/ off season
    • Demonstration on virus free safe vegetable cultivation under Insect proof net house
    • Demonstration of rain water harvesting and filtration reservoir
    • Virus free vegetable nursery under low cost Insect- proof net house
  6. Consultancy services
    • Expert consultancy services are available to stakeholders on R& D aspects of protected cultivation technology.
  7. Exposure visit of different group of visitors at CPCT farm
    • 20-25,000 visitors comprised of progressive farmers, students, professionals, academicians and international delegates are visiting the centre every year.
  8. Extension Services
    • Supply of healthy and virus free seedlings to the farmers on payment basis
    • Knowledge sharing through literatures/leaflets/ bulletins on protected cultivation.
    • Imparting information on technologies through TV and Radio programs on various aspects of the protected cultivation and drip fertigation
  9. Sale of farm produce
    • Fresh vegetables, flowers and fruits are sold to the consumers at PUSA Sale counter throughout the year.