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18 Jul 2017

Organizing 10 Days Short Course on "Advanced methods for trace level identification and estimation of agrochemicals to ensure safety of consumers"

12-21 September, 2017

Division of Agricultural Chemicals, ICAR- IARI, New Delhi-110012

17 Jul 2017

Training Programme on "Production technology of Blue Green Alga - Spirulina"

Jul 18th - 21st, 2017

CCUBGA, IARI, New Delhi - 110012

13 Jul 2017

CAFT Training Programme on "Extension Strategies for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture to address Sustainable Development Goals"

September 02-22, 2017

Division of Agricultural Extension, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

05 Jul 2017

Training Program on "Tools and Techniques for Analysis of Biomolecules"

September 5-18, 2017

Division of Biochemistry, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

04 Jul 2017

Training Programme on "Fundamental Concepts and Methodology for Agricultural Water Management"

September 11-16, 2017

Division of Water Technology Centre, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

04 Jul 2017

Announcement of the 14th Advanced Level Training in soil testing, plant analysis and water quality assessment

December 08-28, 2017

Division of SS & AC, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

23 Jun 2017

21 days training programme on "Technological and Policy Options for Enhancing Farmers’ Income"

23rd September to 13th October, 2017, 2017

Division of Agricultural Economics, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

12 Jun 2017

Announcement regarding Training Programme for Technical Staffs of ICAR on "Basic Microbiological Techniques for Studying Microbes"
[Last Date Extended]

July 24–31, 2017

Division of Microbiology, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012

12 May 2017

Summer School on 'Waste to Wealth: Biocompost Production and Utilization Innovations in Organic Agriculture'

August 10–30, 2017

Division of Agronomy, ICAR–IARI, New Delhi-110012