Agricultural Technology Information CentreDr. Narayan V. Kumbhare
Incharge & Scientist
Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)
Phone: 011-25841670
Email ID: incharge_atic[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in

Pusa AgriCom No.(Toll Free): 1800 - 11- 8989
Kisan Call Centre (Toll Free) : 1800 -180 - 1551
IARI Pusa Helpline : 011 - 2584 1670


IARI being a premier institute in agricultural sector and located in the capital city, is frequently visited by a large number of farmers, extension workers, entrepreneurs, etc., from different parts of the country. Many of them require specific information/ assistance on various aspects of technology transfer. Since IARI has a sprawling campus of about 500 hectares and consists of 19 discipline-based divisions and six multi-disciplinary centres/ project directorates, the visitors generally find it difficult to contact the concerned scientists/ divisions for obtaining the needed information/ assistance quickly. Therefore, with a view to providing a single window delivery system to the visitors, Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) has been established at IARI under the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) of the ICAR. The Centre is located near the Inderpuri gate of the Institute for easy accessibility.

The objectives for establishment of ATIC are:

  1. To provide a single window delivery system for the products and services to the farmers and other interested groups as a process of innovativeness in technology dissemination
  2. To facilitate direct access of the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology advice, technology products etc., for reducing technology dissemination losses
  3. To provide mechanism for feedback from the users to the Institute.

The important criteria of Agricultural Technology Information are

  1. availability (or accessibility) of new technologies;
  2. relevance of new technologies;
  3. responsiveness of new technologies to the needs of different categories of farmers; and
  4. sustainability of such unit within the overall institutional system


** ATIC is a single window support system linking the various units of a research institution with intermediary users and end users (farmers) in decision making and problem solving exercise.