In-house Project:

  1. Genetic improvement of selected perennial fruit and ornamental crops (Activities- Collection, characterization of citrus, large cardamom and chilli germplasm and development of superior lines/clones).
  2. Development of technologies for higher yield and quality in selected fruit crops (Activities-Identification of suitable rootstocks for mandarin and Assam lemon, survey of mandarin and lemon orchards and developing INM schedule)
  3. Devising innovative extension model for sustainable livelihood.
  4. Enhancing nutrition security for gender empowerment and livelihood security.


Externally Funded Projects

Scaling up the productivity of Darjeeling Mandarin through identification, multiplication and supply of healthy superior clones for improving rural livelihood in Darjeeling hills.



Facilities :

Guest House, Quarter, Laboratories (Bio-chemical and molecular lab, Soil plant and nutrient analysis lab, plant protection lab), Tissue culture unit, computer lab, Indigenous agro-biodiversity museum, conference hall, library, Farmers’ guest house.

IARI – Regional Station, Kalimpong, WB
IARI – Regional Station, Kalimpong, WB