Trainings / Extension activities

Year : 2015-16
Thrust Areas/Training needs identified through PRA:

Type of Trainings & Target Group

Thrust Areas/ Needs

Vocational trainings for Farmers, Farm Women & Rural Youth.

  • Bee keeping.
  • Dress designing, stitching & embroidery for better home management and to supplement the income.
  • Commercial cultivation of ornamental plants and flowers.
  • Commercial nursery raising for fruits, flowers and vegetables.
  • Training for custom service in plant protection and maintenance of plant protection equipments.
  • Preservation of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Motor rewinding.
  • Commercial dairy farming.
  • Mushroom cultivation.
  • Vermicompost production technology.

In-Service trainings for Agriculture field Functionaries.

  • Integrated Pest Management(IPM)
  • Integrated Plant Nutrient Management(IPNM)
  • Recent Advances in Horticulture
  • Integrated Weed Management.
  • Nutrition in women and children.

Trainings for practicing farmers and farm women.

  • Quality seed production.
  • Integrated pest management & Biological control of insect-pests and diseases.
  • Production technology for important Kharif, Rabi and summer crops.
  • Soil health care.
  • Cultivation of off-season vegetables.
  • Safe storage of food grains and seed material.
  • Balanced feeding of milch cattle.
  • First aid in animals.
  • Bio-farming for sustainable Agril. Production.
  • Safe use and maintenance of farm machinery & equipments.
  • Value addition in Pearl-millet.
  • Preservation of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Drudgery reduction in farm women.
  • Nutrition gardening.


(A) Trainings: (2015-16)


Socio-economic Impact in the area

Training programme 

No.  Trainings

No. of of beneficiaries

Practicing farmers & farm women



Vocational training for farmers/Farm women and rural youth




Agril. extension functionaries/ADOs







  • The adoption of different vocations is about 45%. most of the trainees are earning Rupees 2500 to one lakh per year from their vocations like - Bee keeping, Vermicompost, Motor winding, Dairy farming, Tailoring and Value addition etc.
  • The trained farmers have come to be known as leaders and torch bearers for their fellow farmers in their own villages as well as neighbouring villages.
  • Updating the ADO's with advancement in agri technology for transferring to the farmers.



 (B) Front Line Demonstrations: (2015-16)


Socio-economic Impact in the area

  • During the year, 2015-16, 325 crop demonstrations (covering 129.4 ha.) were laid out of the fields of farmers of 11 villages in 4 blocks of Gurgaon district.
  • Out of 325 demonstrations, 55 demonstrations (25.00 ha.) on oilseed crops, 150 demonstrations (56.80 ha.) on pulse crops, 86 demonstrations (41.4 ha.) on cereal crops and 24 demonstrations (6.00 ha.) on miscellaneous vegetables 10 demonstration (0.20 ha.) on kitchen gardening for farm women & farmers.
  • The average yield of important crops - Mustard, Wheat, Arhar & Gram in operational area has increased by 7-18 % compared to local check.
  • Areas under Barley crop increased to 2500 ha. replacing wheat and Arhar to 1200 ha. replacing Bajra crop. 



(C)  On Farm Testing : (2015-16)

S. No.


Socio-economic Impact in the area


Integrated Nutrient Management in  Wheat

Application of fertilizer on the basis of soil test (FYM+Azotobactor+PSB+75%NPK) given the maximum yield (56.40 qt./ha.)


Weed Management in  Wheat

Carfentrazole + Sulfo sulfuraon@ 45g./ha. Proved better control the weeds in wheat and yield was obtained 55.37qt/ha.


Management of Fusarium wilt in Summer Squash

Soil treatment with Carbendazim (50WP)@2.5kg/ha. and seed treatment with Carbendazim (50 WP) @2.5g/kg. of seed effectively controlled the fusarium wilt gave 152.64 qt./ha. yield.


Management of Nematode in Summer Squash

Soil treatment with neem seed kernel powder @ 500 kg/ha. and seed soaking with trichoderma harzianum solution @5g/kg seed for one hour  The yield was obtained 156.84 qt./ha.


Management of Diamond back moth in cauliflower

2 spray of emamectin benzoate (5% SG) @0.50g/lit. of water and 02 spray of neemarin @ 5mi/lit. of water alternatively controls the DBM in cauliflower the yield was obtained 253.72 qt/ha.


Reproductive  performance in buffalo

80% of animals reproduced with use of mineral mixture and vitamin AD3E.


Control of ecto-parasites in animals

Injection Ivermactine found 100% effective to control the Ecto-parasite without any side effect.


Use of revolving stool to reduce drudgery in women during milking operation.

The use of revolving stool while milking the animals reduced the physiological and muscular stress of farm women and thus found to be highly acceptable under field condition.


Efficacy of microwave roasting in soybean to improve its digestibility, protein bio availability and sensory characteristics.   

Microwave roasting of soybean:

  • Makes it more acceptable among the consumers as compared to unprocessed soya flour or boiled soya.
  • Increases the quantity of soybean consumption.
  • Reduces trypsin inhibitor activity up to 90 % thus improves the protein bio availability.



  (D) Farm Women Empowerment : (2015-16)


Socio-economic Impact in the area

  • A total number of 103 activities were organized during this period. Out of 15 vocational trainings (Dress designing& tailoring, Nutri farm, Preservation & Value addition as vocation), 75 day long On/Off campus trainings, organization of women in agriculture etc.
  • Through these activities, 385 rural women were benefitted.
  • The rural women (56 %) are getting income and self employment by adopting different vocations like, Dairy farming, Tailoring and preservation of fruits and vegetables.

  • Through village trainings, the attitude of the farm women has been changed. They started working in groups.


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(E) Dairy Development Programme: (2015-16)


Socio-economic Impact in the area

  • 04 Vocational training on dairy farming for rural youth and farm women
  • 18 Day long trainings on dairy nutrition & disease management
  • 02 Animal health camp.
  • 33 Feacal and milk samples analyzed/ tested at KVK.
  • 02 In-service trainings for VLDAs.
  • 02 OFTs were conducted at dairymen fields on (i) control of calf mortality(ii)reproductive performance in buffalo and (iii) Control of ecto-parasites in animals

Through these activities, 497 rural youth, farmers, farm women and dairymen/women were benefitted and 352 animals were diagnosed and treated.

  • The rural youth are adopting dairy farming on commercial scales in the villages after obtaining training from KVK. The farmers/farm women  are rearing animals with scientific methods and earning more income from sale of  better milk production
  • First aid is being done by farmers themselves and only in urgency veterinary doctor is called.
  • The live stock owners become more aware about dairy , nutrition & disease management as resulted the milk production has increased up to 15-20 %
  • Through training camp and campaigns, live stock owners have become aware to animals health balance nutrition, clean milk production.


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 (F) Extension Activities & Farm Advisory Services: (2015-16)


Socio-economic Impact in the area

  • During the period 2015-16, 2146 major agricultural extension activities were organized. Out of these, 19 field days, 01 woman in agril. day, 01 honey day, 147 scientists visit to farmers fields, 21 radio/TV talks, 25 lectures delivered by SMS of KVK in farmers meetings, 36 method demonstrations, 25 camp/campaign in agriculture 02 camps/campaign in animal science, 04 news letter, 12 diagnostic service(animals) 03 exhibitions 21 press releases, 02 Kisan Sammelan, 01 World soil day and 43 SMS sent to the farmers through kisan mobile service.
  • 1446 farmers visited at KVK for FAS and through telephonic FAS 3352 farmers benefited.
  • 1754 samples of soil (1508) and water (246) were analyzed by KVK.
  • Through these extension activities, 17177 farmers/farm women /rural youth were benefitted.
  • By organizing various agricultural extension activities, the farm technologies are being disseminated in a wide area throughout the district.
  • The participants of these activities are able to apply the latest scientific know-how in their farming resulting in profitable farming.
  • Most of the farmers, members of the kisan clubs are getting quarterly news letter published by the KVK in Hindi, through which they are getting farm advisory services free of cost at their door step.