Selected Accomplishments (last ten year)

The Division provided a package of appropriated technology for Indian farm to increase land productivity by timeliness of agricultural operations, reduced crop losses and improved quality of agro-produces. It also increases efficiency of inputs and labour productivity by using labour saving and drudgery reducing devices, and thus, reducing cost of cultivation. Some of the technologies developed by the Division are briefly described below.

Machines for Accelerated compost making

Compost Turner cum Mixer

Suitable for thorough mixing of cow dung, farm residues and biomass for compost preparation by pile method; Operated by 75 hp tractor; Capacity 1000 t/h, It saves 75 days per cycle in comparison to traditional pit method.

Compost Sieving Machine
Suitable for sieving of compost for separating the finer grade from coarse grade; powered by Three phase Electric motors (2 hp, 3 hp and 3 hp), capacity5 tonnes per day. Separation in different sizes for value addition. Convert waste into the best.

Compost Loader

Suitable for lifting and carrying compost material up to a height of 3 m and loading the FYM in trucks and tractors; Operated by 55 hp tractor, capacity 12 t/h. The loader takes only 0.5 machine hour for loading a truck whereas 5 man-hr is required for manual operation.


Animal Feed Making Machines

Stationary Animal Feed Block Formation Machine

Useful for making animal feed blocks of size 20 cm x 20 cm by mixing crop residues with essential nutritional elements. The machine is powered by 25 hp electric motor and has the capacity of 250 kg/h. It is also available in 125 kg/h capacity with block size of 10 cm X 10 cm operated by 10 hp electric motor. The self-life of the feed blocks is more than one year, very economical to transport to distant places.

Mobile Feed Block Machine
Useful for making animal feed blocks of size 15 cm X 15cm, powered by 6 hp diesel engine (air cooled), capacity 100-125 kg/h. Easy to transport of fodder to any suitable place anduseful to make block. The mobile unit is mounted on a four-wheel trolley of 3 m X 1.5 m size and can be transported to the place of availability of fodder.

Urea Molasses Mineral block Machine (UMMB)
Useful for making blocks of Size 22.5 cm ´ 4.5 cm using Urea, molasses, minerals and grains, powered by 1 hp electric motor, capacity 150 kg/h. Provides animal feed blocks of balanced nutrients and minerals for balanced ration; feeding milking animals with 200-300 grams of this feed increases their milking production.

Powered Animal Feed Mixer
Useful for proper mixing of roughages, concentrates, minerals, vitamins and other ingredients before making blocks, powered by 3 hp electric motor, capacity 1000 kg/h. It facilitates making of blocks with uniformly distributed ingredients.

Animal Feed Crusher

Suitable for proper crushing of fodder, useful for pre-treatment, preservation and storage of crop residues, powered by 3 hp electric motor, capacity 1000 kg/h. It removes high moisture from crops residue by crushing the plant materials, thus enhance the rate of drying.


Machines for Rainfed Agriculture

PUSA Aqua Ferti. Seed Drill

Very useful for timely sowing of Rabi crops such as wheat, gram, mustard even in moisture deficit condition. Operated by 45 hp tractor having field capacity 0.4 ha/h.  Fertigation is possible in side of seeding lines through which nutrients are also be available along with the moisture. A 53% increase in germination and 35% increase in yield in wheat crop has been observed in comparison to control.

Pusa Hydrogel Applicator
Useful for precise and mechanical application of hydrogel along with aqueous fertilizer in rainfed areas. Operated by 45 hp tractor having field capacity 0.25 ha/h. Absorbed water by hydrogel is slowly made available to plants roots during stress condition. The applicator is an attachment to the seed–cum ferti. seed drill or aqua ferti. seed drill.


Machinery for Vegetable Mechanization

Pneumatic Precision Planter

Useful for planting of small vegetable seeds. Air suction is used for singulation of seeds. Operated by a 45 hp tractor with field capacity of 0.2 to 0.3 ha/h. Saves costly seed and reduces cost of operation as compared to traditional method of transplanting of seedlings.

Carrot Planter

Useful for precise planting of carrot seeds on raised beds. Carrot seed can be sown on two beds each with 4- rows with adjustable row to row spacing. Saves water and other input. Higher production and suitable for mechanical harvesting. Operated by 45 hp tractor having field capacity 0.5 ha/h

Carrot Harvester

Useful for raised bed carrot harvesting, two beds gets harvested simultaneously. Uses single cutting blades (angle 15°) consists of equally spaced three v-type cutting edges. Blade makes a cut below the root of the carrot and loosens the soil of the beds simultaneously. Width of coverage of the carrot harvester is 1.3 m. Operated by 45 hp tractor having field capacity 0.5 ha/h.

Tractor Operated Garlic Planter

Useful for sowing of garlic cloves with row spacing of 150 mm, It uses Aluminum casted vertical metering plates with eight hemi spherical cups. Operated by 45 hp tractor, having field capacity 0.2 ha/h.

Garlic Harvester

Useful for harvesting of garlic, uses digging blade of size 600 mm х 300 mm with rake angle of 15°. Operated by 45 hp tractor, having field capacity 0.24 ha/h.

Tractor operated Okra Planter

Useful for planting soaked okra seed on ridges. Operated by 35 hp tractor, capacity 0.2 ha/h. The planting and ridge making operation is done in one pass. It maintains the row and plant distance.

Power operated Okra Thresher

Suitable for threshing okra pod, separate husk and other impurities from seed. Powered by 2hp electric motor, capacity 70 kg/h. Threshing time is reduced by 30 %, which result in reduction in operational cost by 70 per cent.

PUSA Onion Seed Extractor

Developed for extraction of good quality seed from onion umbel using spike tooth extraction mechanism, powered by 1 hp Single-phase motor; capacity 25 kg (Onion umbel) / h. It saves extraction cost and avoids arduous and drudgeryful manual extraction of onion seed. It is very useful for small scale onion  seed grower.

Vegetable seed extractor

Suitable for efficient extraction of seeds of tomato, brinjal, bottle gourd, powered by 2 hp single phase electric motor, capacity of  500 kg/h (Brinjal), 450 kg/h (Bottle gourd) and  200 kg/h (Ash gourd).


Machines for Paddy Cultivation

Pre-germinated paddy seeder

The pre-germinated rice is sown in rows by the machine powered by 2-3 persons; capacity 0.5 ha/h. It helps use of machines for subsequent operations like weeding and inter-cultivation and also reduces the cost of transplanting

PUSA Basmati Paddy Thresher

Suitable for threshing of basmati paddy without internal / external injury, Operated by tractor PTO (Minimum 35 hp), capacity 1000-1500 kg/h.


Other important agricultural machines / technologies

Solar Powered 3-Head Sprayer

Useful for spraying pesticides and weedicides on the field crops and operated by solar power. It has high chemical efficacy and uniform droplet size, having field capacity of 0.5 ha/h with three nozzle heads.

Solar Powered Vending Cart

Very useful in rural areas where there is shortage of electricity
 for storage of fresh vegetables. Keeps vegetable fresh and
 increases shelf life. Reduces the temperature in the  range of 4 to 10C on an average 7C.


Pusa wheel Hand Hoe

It is used for weeding and inter-culture in row crops, field capacity 0.02 ha/h. The angle of operation could be adjusted, reduces operator fatigue. Cost effective for weeding and inter-culture operation.

Pusa Power operated Winnower

Useful machine for cleaning/separation of chaff, dust from food grains, powered by 1 hp Single-phase motor, capacity 300-600 kg/h. It is useful handy machine for on farm value addition, very economical.

Safety gadgets for chaff cutter

Suitable for protecting injuries caused by chaff cutter. Simple cost effective interventions (Blade Guard  Flywheel, Lock Warning Roller) which can be retrofitted on old as well as new machines.


Revolving Fund Scheme (RFS) on Prototype manufacturing of Agricultural machines: 
The Division of Agricultural Engineering has been successfully implementing this scheme since last one and half decade. Different machines and technologies were manufactured and supplied to different parts of the country. In NEH & TSP programme of IARI, the divisional technologies have been supplied to all the seven state of NEH region and also tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. The growth in revenue generation under RFS on Prototype manufacturing of Agricultural machines is given in the table below:
Revenue Generated by sale of Agril. Machines in different area of the country: