AG EXT 603 VISUAL AND GRAPHIC                                                                                 (1L+2P) II

  This course is intended to give a clear perspective about the importance of visuals and graphics in communication. The course starts with the delineating about the characteristics of visuals and graphics followed by its main functions, theories of visual perception and its classification and selection. Further, the course deals with the designing the message, graphic formats and devices and presentation of data. It makes the students to understand, prepare and present the scientific data effectively by using low cost visuals. The course also exposes the students to various Digitized video material in multimedia and also enable to design visuals for print, TV and know-how about scanning of visuals.


  Role of visuals in Communication; Characteristics of visuals, functions of visuals and graphics; Theories of visual perception; Classification of visuals, visual formats, Selection of visuals; Graphic formats & Devices, typology, Presentation of scientific data, general and exact data; Preparing lecture slides – content, limitation and layout; its utility in preparing presentations for research papers and other publications

  Principles of production of visuals, low-cost visuals, photographs, reprographic visuals, Pre-testing and evaluation of visuals. Designing message for visuals; Designing & layout of visual elements, balancing

  PC based visuals, and digitized video materials in multi-media production; Designing visuals for print and TV/ video media; Publishing e-books, audio-visual slideshow presentations through VCD/DVD player. Scanning: scanners, scanning reflective and transparent original, resolution and output, post scanning image controls; Output: intricacies of printing digital images, laser printing, inkjet printing and photographic paper printing; Output for on-screen presentations and for web pages

  Preparation of low-cost visuals (projected & non-projected); Designing & Layout of visuals for Charts, posters, headliners etc., Generating computer – aided presentation graphics, preparation of visuals.

Suggested Readings