AG EXT 558 ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                                                                 (2L+2P) III

  The course is intended to orient the students with need for entrepreneurship development in agriculture in the present times of decreased landholding and increased competitiveness faced by farmers in the markets. It will equip the students with knowledge and skills to motivate rural people to take up agri-entrprises.


  Concept and theory of Development, Self Employment; Concept, need, approaches, theories scope and prospects of Entrepreneurship Development; Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Concept, characteristics, Nature and importance for sustainable Livelihoods. Agro-industries, scope, constraints and strategy; Approach and Experiences in Entrepreneurial Development in India and other Developing Countries;

  Entrepreneurship Development Cycle and process, Training for Entrepreneurship Development; Training development professionals; Development of  Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Motives, Motivation Theories; Arousal of  Motivation, Achievement Motivation Syndrome; Simulation games and exercises for developing entrepreneurial competencies – risk taking, self efficacy, creativity, achievement planning, influencing process, problem solving; Entrepreneurship Development among youth and women, Empowerment of  women entrepreneurs; Policy approaches for women entrepreneurship development; Identification of potential entrepreneurs.

  Stages of establishing enterprise, Business Planning: Need & Scope for Business Plan, Project Designing and Planning: Government Policies & Programmes, Support & Service Organizations, Understanding Market Needs, Identifying Business Opportunities, Product Identification, Market Survey and Demand Analysis; Development of business plan; Project feasibility Report preparation, Project Appraisal techniques – economic, financial, technical, and social; Micro enterprises – Profitable agri enterprises in India – Agro Processing, KVIC industries.

  Enterprise launching, Planning Resourcing; Enterprise Management, Management skills, Production management, Financial management, Marketing Strategy – pricing, costing, break- even analysis, Accounts and book keeping; Growth, Survival and Sustenance; Marketing for enterprises – Concept, planning for marketing, target marketing, Competition, market survey and strategies, Product sales and promotion Studies on Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture.

  EMT lab – Achievement Motivation, Risk Taking, Understanding Strengths and Blocks, Achievement Planning and Syndrome. Field visit to successful enterprises, Study of Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs Development of Project Proposal , Case Studies of Success / Failure enterprises, Exercise on Market Survey, Field visit to Financial institutions.

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