AG EXT 552 EXTENSION METHODS AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY                                                                                 (3L+1P) II

  This course is intended to expose the students to the extension education process, teaching and learning, extension methods, its classification and usage. The course also covers the Audio-visual aid used in communication, their features, selection and preparing communication material and low cost instructional aid.


  Concepts and characteristics of education process, extension teaching and learning, Basic principles and management of learning, Course outline, Lesson plans for theory and practicals. Teaching and learning styles, theories of learning, Cognitive levels, Experiential Learning – simulation exercises, practising an experiential lecturette; Instruction system design and methods, Instructional Course Objective. Effective instructional modes for science; Evaluating teaching effectiveness; Non-directive teaching methods for team effort and creativity;

  Extension methods; classification, features and methodology, Role of media and audio-visual aids in making extension teaching effective; Appraisal of teacher performance, Review of research in instructional technology.

  Communication technology and Media materials: Classification, uses, Media Planning – Essential & Optional characteristics, system approach; principles of selecting effective combinations of extension teaching methods, media; Cost benefit analysis of communication media, Concepts in instructional technology Methodological issues in communication research. Media-mix and multimedia presentation; Principles of production of different projected and non-projected media. Innovative instructional aid. Computer assisted instruction. Programmed instruction technique. Team teaching. E-learning

  Practising farm and home visits, method demonstration; Preparing, pre-testing of audio and video materials and modules; Handling and maintenance of audio-visual equipment and projectors, PC and peripherals, photography, reprography, Formulation of instructional course objective, Development and presentation of course outlines, Preparation & presentation of lesson plans for theory & practical with CAI design, Preparation of innovative low cost instructional aids

Suggested Readings