AG EXT 512 MARKET-LED EXTENSION MANAGEMENT                                                                                  (1L+1P) III

  The student will learn the significance of post harvest management& value addition in present market environment and the challenges and future strategy for market led extension management. Also identifies the information sources and develop strategy for market intelligence and the marketing infrastructure, multilevel marketing and linkages for market led extension. In addition the students would be learning the public private partnerships for market led extension management, the features of contract farming, WTO its implications on agriculture and Understanding the role of IT for market intelligence.


  Agricultural extension at cross roads; Changing scenario of agricultural extension at the national level; Market led extension – emerging perspectives; Market-led extension – issues and challenges; Dimensions of market-led extension.

  Agricultural marketing an overview; Development of a marketing plan, pricing concepts and pricing strategy; Consumer behaviour; Marketing communication and promotional strategies; The marketing research process; Agricultural trade liberalization and its impact; International marketing opportunities; Implications of AOA, TRIPS and IPRs agreements on agriculture; Agreement on SPS and TBT - an over view; Future trading of agricultural commodities.

  Public private linkages in market led extension; Role of SHG in market led extension; Contact farming – a viable approach to meet market challenges; IT enabled approaches for market led extension and communication; Weather service and crop modeling – an effective tool in market led extension.

  Identification and analysis of different marketing sources for agricultural commodities. Development of strategy for an effective market intelligence system; Development of suitable marketing plan to suite rural situation; Visit to APEDA, Rythu Bazaars to study the processes and procedures related to market-led extension.

Suggested Readings