AG EXT 510 GENDER SENSITIZATION FOR DEVELOPMENT                                                                                 (1L+1P) III

  In this course the students will learn about an overview of the concept of gender and gender balance on development and develop skills of  identifying gender roles, rights, responsibilities and relationships on development. Besides the students will also learn the attitudinal change to internalize gender equity concerns as fundamental human rights and also enhance the capability for identifying and analyzing gender issues in agriculture and allied sectors.


  Gender concepts, issues and challenges in development; Gender roles, gender balance, status, need and scope; Gender analysis tools and techniques.

  National policy for empowerment of women since independence; Developmental programmes for women; Gender mainstreaming in agriculture and allied sectors – need and relevance; Gender budgeting – a tool for empowering women.

  Women empowerment–dimensions; Women empowerment through SHG approach; Women entrepreneurship and its role in economic development; Public Private Partnership for the economic empowerment of women; Building rural institution for women empowerment; Women human rights ; Action plans for gender mainstreaming.

  Visits to rural institutions of women for studying in the rural institutions engaged in Women empowerment; Visits to entrepreneurial unit of women for studying the ways and means of establishing entrepreneurship units for Women and their development and also SWOT analysis of the Unit; Visit to Center for Women Development - NIRD to study the different activities related to projects and research on gender; Visit to gender cell, Office of the Commissioner and Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad, to study the mainstreaming of gender concerns and gender budget of the department.

Suggested Readings